Radiator Covers

What are the best radiator covers?

When choosing a radiator cover, glass should be at the top of your list. Easy to clean, made from toughened glass and made to measure for any space in your home, they’re make a more durable - and customisable - alternative to traditional wooden, fabric and metallic options.

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Available in a range of colours and styles, radiator covers from Premier Range can be made to match your existing colour scheme, or personalised with photographs if you want to mount a one-of-a-kind feature in your kitchen. Take a look below to find the right radiator cover for your home.

Minimalist Radiator Covers

Our black, white, clear, grey and silver splashbacks are all perfect options for those who want to create a minimalist look in their kitchen, or follow the ‘industrial’ trend with slick and fuss-free panels for hobs and sinks.

minimalist radiator cover

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Bright Coloured Radiator Covers

If you want to add a splash of personality to your kitchen walls, choose a bright coloured splashback from our range. Freshen things up with our zesty lime green or yellow panels, or take a look at our purples, reds, browns and pinks to find the perfect match for your interior.

minimalist radiator cover

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Patterned Radiator Covers

A ‘texture-effect’ radiator cover in brick, stone, slate or granite allow you to seamlessly protect your radiators without compromising on the look of your room. Particularly popular in kitchens where our customers want to continue the theme of their worktops or walls, the Premier Range textured radiator cover options are well worth considering.

minimalist radiator cover

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Photo Radiator Covers

Personalised splashbacks are just the thing if you want to mount a piece of ‘wall art’ in your kitchen that’s as practical as it is stunning to look at. Our easy-to-use splashback creator means you can simply upload your favourite snap to our website and let us do the rest.

minimalist radiator cover

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Why glass makes the best radiator covers

  • Easy to clean - ideal for busy homes, nurseries, schools and more
  • Safe - made from 6mm toughened glass for peace of mind
  • Rounded corners - no sharp edges like wood or cabinets
  • Customisable - choose any colour, image or design for a unique feature
  • Can be made to measure - any size or shape to fit your space

Do radiator covers get hot?

The heat from a radiator actually rises upwards, rather than being pushed outwards into the room. A glass radiator cover will stay pleasantly warm to the touch and is therefore a great choice for rooms where children might play - in homes, schools or nurseries. Their safe heat distribution also makes them ideal for care and nursing homes to protect vulnerable residents from accidental burns that are more likely where radiators are not covered.

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