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Glass radiator covers

Our made-to-measure contemporary glass radiator covers are all expertly crafted from 6mm toughened safety glass (heat resistant to 600 degrees).Choose from glass covers with pictures, eye-catching texture patterns like stone and granite or bespoke colours and designs - then we’ll fit them to perfection with next day delivery available on every order.

Modern Glass Radiator Covers

Bespoke radiator covers made of glass are an ideal alternative to traditional wood or metal radiator covers and cabinets (not to mention the painting and re-painting), turning what can often be a practical necessity into a work of art that makes a real statement of style in your home, or adds a pleasant feature to commercial settings such as offices, reception areas, nursing homes, school halls and common rooms. Simply choose from our library of over 250 million Shutterstock images or create your own design, and let the home improvement or office refurbishment begin.

Coloured Glass Radiator Covers

If you’re looking to add designer glass radiator covers to your home or business, our exclusive DIY design tool makes personalising interiors easier than ever, providing you with custom made picture radiator covers. Simply choose a bespoke size for a made-to-measure cover - or select a standard size - then pick your colour (grey, black, white, silver etc.) from our stock or Premier swatches.

 The Premier Price Promise

We've been manufacturing the most contemporary radiator covers for home and office since 2003, and we've developed a reputation for delivering exceptional quality at the lowest prices. In fact, we’re so confident in the value we offer that our Premier Price Promise comes with a guarantee that if you can find the same product elsewhere for less, we'll match it. Plus, if you buy from us and then find it cheaper, we'll even refund the difference to give you that optimum peace of mind.

Are Radiator Covers A Standard Height?

The beauty of choosing a Premier Range radiator cover is our made-to-measure service. However, we also produce radiator covers at standard sizes of:

  • Extra small  620mm x 640mm
  • Small  820mm x 640mm
  • Medium 1020mm x 640mm
  • Large  1220mm x 640mm
  • Extra Large 1420mm x 640mm

Do radiator covers reduce heat?

There’s no real loss of heat. A common misconception is that radiators just radiate heat, when in fact most of the heat generated is through convection whereby the heat rises and heats your room. Our panels don’t stop that process from happening. Our customers have told us that they felt no difference in the temperature of their rooms after fitting the glass radiator covers.

Are radiator covers safe?

Our toughened glass radiator covers are heat-resistant up to 600 degrees and made with rounded safety corners so you don’t have to worry about those sharp edges on your radiators that may pose a risk to children on uncovered radiators or wooden cabinets. And with a low-temperature surface area, the panels are very safe – making them ideal for kids’ rooms, nurseries and any other area where safety is a priority. Our glass covers effectively turn your radiators into Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators, recommended where low surface temperature is required for safety reasons and will comply with NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes 1998 (less than 43°C with inlet water at 82°C). This makes them ideal for care homes and other healthcare settings.


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