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Kitchen Splashbacks

Our made to measure kitchen splashbacks – all made from the highest quality toughened glass – can be printed with any colour, any image or any bespoke design you like with DIY easy fitting for a stunning feature.


A Must-have Centrepiece For Any Contemporary Kitchen Interior

Our made-to-measure kitchen splashbacks are the perfect choice when you want to add the wow factor to your walls. When it comes to kitchen splashback designs, a custom-printed, made-to-measure glass panel will give your kitchen a unique visual centrepiece above your hob and cooker – and protect your walls from spatters, splashes and stains too. 

We have all the inspiration you need at Premier Range, with a range of unique kitchen splashback ideas across our printed image, colour and texture-effect ranges. Simply choose your favourite colour, a stock image from our huge library, a textured pattern a word collage or even your own photo and we’ll do the rest - with splashbacks expertly cut and crafted to fit the exact size and dimensions you need, using state-of-the-art glass printing technology.


Top 10 Benefits Of Printed Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens

  1. Toughened glass for practicality and durability in cooking areas
  2. A unique way to add stunning 'kitchen art' to the busiest room in your home
  3. Made-to-order to any custom size, with standard dimensions also available
  4. Texture effects available to match kitchen cabinets, kitchen units and kitchen worktops
  5. Match your kitchen accessories with our range of popular colours
  6. Over 250 million images to choose from for a personalised kitchen decor feature
  7. Upload your own photograph for a personalised kitchen splashback design
  8. Modern, easy-to-fit alternative to kitchen tiles, less durable materials and wallpaper
  9. Industry-leading glass printing process - fade-free when placed above kitchen appliances 
  10. DIY-friendly - simply use our Rapid Grab Kitchen Splashback Adhesive

Easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain

Choose a high quality toughened glass splashback for your kitchen, and enjoy the benefits of easy cleaning, anti-bacterial surface area and a fade-free finish. With straightforward fitting (no expensive tools required) using our heavy-duty 'Rapid Grab' adhesive, or the option of drill holes in your panel, printed kitchen splashbacks are a hassle-free way to protect your kitchen walls, or cover an uneven or damaged surface. 

Our splashbacks can also be perfect for businesses and commercial spaces, giving you the double benefits of practicality as a durable surface protector and designer decor for a professional and eye-catching appearance in your kitchen area.


Kitchen Splashback Colours

Pick from a wide range of kitchen glass splashback colours to complement your kitchen surfaces. From minimalist black, grey, white and clear options to bold red, purple, green, yellow and other popular choices, we can create your ideal look. Create a stylish splashback for your kitchen by choosing from our colours below... 

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The Latest Trend: A Printed Image Splashback For Kitchen Couture

You’re no longer limited to framed prints, canvases or patterned tiles when it comes to adding artwork to your interiors. With over 250 million images to choose from in our Shutterstock library, you can create a stunning visual feature with 'en vogue' foodie, landscape or skyline photography, abstract graphics or attention-grabbing patterns that make your kitchen unique. 

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Texture Effects To Match Your Walls And Other Surfaces

Now you can choose from a huge range of texture effect patterns. Match your splashback with any popular natural worktop material including stone, marble, brick, granite and any more. It's a great way to save on expensive materials in your home improvements while still achieving a fantastic look.

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Personalised Picture Splashbacks For Kitchens

Personalised kitchen splash backs really put a unique stamp on your home. Choose your favourite photograph, portrait or artwork and upload it to our site, and have it printed onto toughened glass for a unique kitchen focal point. If you prefer, choose from our library of over 250 million Shutterstock images.

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What Is The Best Splashback For Kitchen walls?

Stainless Steel is a popular choice of kitchen splashback, but can look industrial and become dull or misty over time. Acrylic and laminate may seem suitable for a kitchen wall, but are easy to damage, not heat resistant and looks ‘cheap’.

Acrylic cannot be used above a hob due to plastic’s low temperature tolerance. If you have acrylic surfaces elsewhere in your kitchen, Premier range glass can be colour-matched to give you the same look throughout your room.

A less popular option is wood, which stains and marks easily and can trap germs inside any scratches that appear over time. Expensive and heavy, marble is easy to scratch with pans and pots or utensils and can stain easily too. 

Can splashbacks be mounted in other rooms?

Kitchen splashbacks are our most popular product, but our easy-to-clean splashbacks are also a great solution showers or bathrooms where you need to prevent water damage with a designer panel. And because these spaces may also have mirrors in them, our design options are ideal for adding colour and making rooms or enclosures appear bigger.

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