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Q How do you attach the splashback to the wall?

A Fix to absolutely any surface using our Patented Premier Range, Rapid Grab Adhesive, (Although, most of the items we sell are available with 4 holes – 1 in each corner) Drop us a message if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Full fitting instructions are included in the splashback, and full instructions are on the adhesive.  Click here for a friendly video walkthrough of the instructions. It really is very simple.

Q Do you include screws to fix it to the wall (Splashbacks with holes)

A We never supply the fixings because we don't know what surface you are fixing it to. Your wall surface may be wood, brick, plaster, or metal etc and therefore may require various different types of fixing screw. We recommend you speak to a local hardware store for advice on this.

Q How long does it take for the Premier Range Rapid Grab Adhesive to dry?

A The adhesive will take approx 24 - 48 hours to fully cure , depending on the surface that it has been fitted to, for example a tiled surface would take longer to cure than a plasterboard surface .

Q Do the Splashbacks and Upstands need to be supported whilst the Premier Range Rapid Grab Adhesive dries?

A If the splashback or upstands being supported by the work surface this would be sufficient, if not you may need to support the weight until the adhesive has cured to prevent it slipping

Q How many tubes of Premier Range Rapid Grab Adhesive will I need?

A We usually say that 1 tube per square metre is sufficient, and it can also be used as a sealant around the edges

Q How do I apply the Premier Range Rapid Grab Adhesive? What additional tools will I need to install the Splashbacks and Upstands?

A The adhesive can be applied using a silicone gun, just apply in a zig zag pattern on the back of the splashback

Q Can I stick my Splashback over tiles?

A Absolutely - If you use our Rapid Grab Glue, the answer is yes (We can’t guarantee other glues!) Always make sure you follow the instructions that come with EVERY piece of glass and is printed on every tube of adhesive.

Q What's the Delivery time?

A Industry standard Glass is 3 to 5 working days. Made to measure or Bespoke with Cut outs, anything up to 14 to 21 working days

Q How do you cut an upstand?

A Use any sort of glass cutter, and follow the manufacturer's instructions (Please be careful around sharp edges!)

Q Can the Splashbacks be cut?

A No - All our Glass is Heat resistant toughened glass, so cant be cut (Except Upstands).
Upstands are deliberately NON Toughened so can easily be cut to fit your worktop lengths.

Q Do you offer a cutting service?

A Yes we do, we will cut UPSTANDS to your chosen size. The cost is £9.99 per cut

Q How thick are the Splashbacks and Upstands?

A All our glass items are 6mm in thickness

Q Can you Manufacture bespoke/custom colours of Splashbacks?

A Yes we can do almost any colour , all we need is the code or name of the colour that you require eg Dulux, Crown or RAL colour , then we can see if this is on the paint machine for you .

Q Can you Manufacture bespoke/custom sizes of Splashbacks?

A Absolutely, We can supply pretty much ANY colour, picture, image or design your heart desires. We can add cut outs, and holes for things like Plug sockets and light/oven switches.

Q How long is the warranty on the Splashback?

A If you use our Adhesive you get a 10 year warranty! The glue can be found here

Q Do you have samples available?

A We do have samples available in our Premier colour range. We don't offer samples of digital images (some pictures are just too small to print on a sample square).

Q Are your splashback dimensions listed as width x height or height by width?

A They are always listed as Width first then Height.

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Q Do the pictures move or light up - The Radiator Covers look like they do?

A No - The pictures don’t physically move, they are high definition prints done by our state of the art printer on 6mm toughened safety glass (with rounded safety corners!) The images we offer are super sharp and even if you can’t find one that suits your decor, we can colour match or even print any image or design you want!

Q Can you Manufacture bespoke/custom colours of Radiator Covers?

A Yes we can do almost any colour , all we need is the code or name of the colour that you require eg Dulux, Crown or RAL colour, then we can see if this is on the paint machine for you.

Q Can you Manufacture bespoke/custom sizes of Radiator Covers?

A Yes we can do made to measure bespoke sizes on the radiator covers.

Q Do the radiator covers reduce heat at all?

A Radiators are designed to heat the air in the room using convection to transfer heat from the radiators to the surrounding air. They do this by drawing cool air in at the bottom, warming the air as it passes over the radiator fins, and discharging the heated air at the top. The panels don't stop this process.

(We had an Engineer with 34yrs experience the radiators she is talking about is a Part L building regulated it is low water content & design to convect heat upwards pulling from the rear of the panel towards the ceiling where it mixes with cooler air drops towards the ground & repeats the cycle that's why they are suited to work behind sofas, units, beds etc.......)



Q How Can I order?

A You can order in 1 of 3 ways
On our website, over the phone, or in our showroom.
On our website - We’ve created a handy list of around 50 of the most popular variations in different sizes and colours so you can easily select something from our Industry standard range - This means the glass is already pre cut, polished and toughtgned. Once you pick the colour or image, and we’ll make it for especially for you and we’ll ship it via 1 of our trusted delivery partners. 98% of orders are delivered in 3-5 working days, and these Glass Splashbacks start at just £19.99!
Want something more bespoke? Use our state of the art custom shaping tool to create a made to measure splashback over 1,2 or 3 panels, with cutouts for light switches, sockets and other control panels, we can manufacture these up to 3 metres x 2.5 metres, they take a little longer, but 95.8% of orders are delivered within 14 working days
Over the phone - We always have a team of dedicated people taking your calls and replying to your emails, We aim to reply to every enquiry within 1 hour (although bespoke quotes may take a little longer, we’ll get back to you immediately to let you know) so please call the team during opening hours on 01706 839253 with any enquiries you may have. If you don't have time during the day, we also have a dedicated customer service operative answering Q&A until 22:00 every night Mon-Fri, until 20:00 on Saturday, and Sundays 12:00 - 18:00
In the showroom - We have a wide range of products available to view in our showroom which is open during the following times Remember - All items are made to order so please call first if you're making a special journey and want to collect something

Q What are High Quality Premier Range images?

A The Design team at Premier Range have selected a small portfolio of suggested High Quality images. These look great in any size and they’re tried and tested to be a great addition to any home. Just like the seasons, art or any form of fashion and design these can change regularly.

Q What are Premier Colours?

A Premier Colours are a range of what our experience has told us are 16 current and fashionable shades. Theres 1 Black, 1 White and 14 other visual feasts to choose from. We run every Premier Paint colour at least twice a week, so once you Glass has been cut, polished and cleaned, then passed our stringent quality control it will be carefully transported to the spray room on the relevant day. This means we are making exactly the item you want, and keeping production costs down (as we only have to load up the spray machine once). Low production costs mean these Premier coloured Splashbacks and radiator covers are the lowest cost route if you're on a budget and need to keep costs as low as possible. What is Colour Matching, and what can you colour match?

We have a few thousand Crown and Dulux suggestions for you here and we can match any Crown Dulux or RAL (RAL is a colour matching system for paints) if required. All you need to do is give us the exact paint name you've seen, including any numbers and we’ll use our Paint mixing machine to create the color you want. We may be able to match other leading brands as well, so do get in touch if you've got your heart set on something not already on our site.

Q Can I really upload my own image, picture or any design?

A You certainly can! Using our Click n Print software. If you already have something you want, we can put it on any of our Glass products. Whether that be 1 chopping board, a set of Placemats, a matching table runner, or even a huge Radiator cover. As well as being able to have a truly unique one-off focal point in your own home or workplace, these are super popular as gifts too. Things to note, The bigger your required item is, the better quality the image needs to be. Try it here first, (and please do get in touch if you need any help). Once you've entered the size and uploaded your design, we’ll show you a preview. You can then crop it however you want. There's 3 options to choose from;

Exact fit - Move the highlighted square over the section you want.
Flexible Fit - We’ll let you stretch or squeeze in a little more of your chosen area on the image - Only a little bit though because if you stretch it, or try to squeeze too much in, we know it won't look right.
Fit by Premier Artist - Click on this button if you need something much more specific. There's a small artwork fee added meaning our dedicated graphic designer will be in touch to get the exact image you want. Eg Zoomed in, Zoomed out, or a specific start and finish point for your image.

Finally, we ask you to click a button to state you have the authorisation to print the design, and as a responsible supplier we reserve the right to not print anything that could be considered Rude, Crude, or defamatory etc.

Q What are Stone Marble and Granite effect?

A We apply the ink in layers, using our $250,000.00 UV printer capable of printing a single piece of huge glass (up tp 3000x2500mm) giving a depth and finish that looks the same as any of the stone effects, but with all the benefits of glass, the look of Stone, Marble or Granite and at a fraction of price.

How do you make a Splashback?

We manufacture everything in our Lancashire factory. When you've chosen from what colour, image, photo or design you want, our technicians get to work under the watchful eye of our production manager with over 30 years experience in the industry. Using our state of the art on site Colour mixing machines for our Premier Colour range Or Crown, Dulux and RAL matching service, or either of our Cutting edge 2 x $250,000 UV ink Glass printers that can print a single piece of glass up to 3000x2500. You can choose from 1 of our high quality digital images, and if you’re still stuck for choice, why not visit our Shutterstock library? As a Trusted Shutterstock partner you can choose from literally millions of images. Simply add a search word, or words (“New York Skyline” for example) or even drop in an image for our software to find similar images, and make suggestions. We even offer you the option to upload your own photo, design or picture, There really are NO limitations.

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