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grey glass splashback in a kitchen

Grey Glass Splashback

Grey Splashback - Made To Measure

A popular colour if you’re looking for a neutral ‘base’ splashback that sits between our black or high gloss white panels, especially if you want your hob or cooker area to complement bold colours in your kitchen accessories like brighter reds, greens or yellows. We offer two grey splashback options with lighter Squirrel Grey Glass Splashback or a slightly darker Anthracite Glass Splashback - both simply stunning in any size of kitchen.

Choose from our grey splashback options:

Anthracite Grey Splashback | Squirrel Grey Splashback

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What your colour choice says about you

Greys are cool and composed

“If you favour grey, you seek composure and peace, and try very hard to fit yourself into a mold of your own design.…read more here”

Colour Personality from Louise M

image of an anthracite grey splashback
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image of a squirrel grey splashback
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