Request A Quotation

See this Live Demonstration Video, and SCROLL DOWN for more instructions below.

Multi-Item Detailed Instructions

We are pleased to offer special quotations on selected products to our customers for baskets containing 3 or more products. To take advantage of these offers, please build a shopping cart by adding products to your cart in the usual manner, then click the 'Request A Quotation' button from the Shopping Cart page.

1You must click Yes Please below.
2 use 'Add To Cart' button as normal to add further products to your cart.
3 Go to the "Shopping Cart" page. If 3 or more products are in your cart, you will see a "Request A Quotation" button on that page. If you are not currently logged on as a customer, you will be required to enter an email address for us to reply to.
4 Click the "Request a Quotation" button on that page.

The products you have placed in your basket will then be alerted to us and we will consider an offer price on each item and a shipping cost for that combination of products.

Please note that although we may not offer a discount on individual products, we can often offer a shipping discount based on the specific items you have chosen.