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Autumn Design Ideas!

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So, another a week another blank page to fill with thoughts and musing relating to kitchens, cookers and all those great accessories.

So, what shall we talk about this week?

Well, with the winter on its way, and the weather seemingly stuck on permanent ‘Autumn’, it’s a good time to think about how your kitchens works Vs how it looks.

We all want a well-designed, stunning looking kitchen containing all the mod-cons and swish appliances. … but, if it looking good actually hinders the construction of a warming winter broth then you have problems.

So, let’s have a little think about striking the correct balance.

We have a few things in our range that can add a little extra life to the kitchen without affecting the practicality – like our Mood Range – a collection of groovy looking splashbacks and cooker hoods.

These allow you to change the ambiance in the kitchen by simply turning on a few coloured LEDS within the units. It’s a fairly simple idea that can be very effective indeed.

So, that’s the right way forward if you want the cooking area to look cool, as well as being hygienic and practical.

But how do you create a working space that helps you keep the kitchen stylish and helps when it comes to the practicalities of cooking.

We offer a few ideas on that score too – like our built in ranges.

There’s nothing new here, apart from our fab designs of course, but these items are another brilliant example of how you can save space without sacrificing that look.

If you use built in items, like ovens and microwaves, you can create a ‘cooking stack’ at one end of your worktop.

This means all the gear you need to roast, grill or baste will be in one place and is easily reachable from where you work.

That means you can position the hob, once again built in, at the other end of the work surface. You can easily bop between the 2 as you cook.

Now, if you’re something of an animated cook, you may want to pick a ‘Truly Curved’ cooker hood, to avoid banging your noggin as you gad about – another invention we cam up with! We’re always thinking you know.

So, what it you have an island? Well then you’ve got the best off all worlds.

Put the Hob and the cooker hood on the island, but have the ‘Cooking Stack’ set up along the normal work top just next to where you’ll be preparing your food. That way it’s a simple swivel to get between the oven and the hob.

Plus, we also offer a Truly Curved hood in our island range … just in case all you ‘dinner time dancers’ have a cooking area in the middle of your dance floor!

Our induction hob could add a little safety there too – it’s cold almost as soon as you stop cooking – plus it would look very stylish in the middle of an island as it’s design is clean and fuss free.

So, keep it practical, keep it safe but above all keep it fun and funky – you can find everything you need to get you started by clicking here!

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