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Reward a Claret

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I have a lot of jobs here as Premier Range’s Media bod.

I update photos, mess with product descriptions and update all the social media.

But, by far one of the most enjoyable jobs I have is the organising the Reward a Claret scheme.

Premier Range been working with Burnley Football Club for a good few years now, we were the main T-Shirt sponsors for the Youth Team, but now we’ve taken the massive step of becoming the main team’s official sponsor.

One of the advantages of this is we get to give away VIP tickets for every home game. Of course, we could keep them and schmooze our corporate chums with a VIP day out at the footie - but we thought giving a little back to the fans that made Burnley the team they are was a much better idea.

So, every home game we invite Claret fans to nominate someone to have a full day out at Turf Moor, with a meal, VIP seating and load of other great perks.

What makes this great for me is I get to ring the nominees up and tell them they are going to Turf Moor – it really is the highlight of my week.

If I speak to a dad of a child that’s been put forward, you can hear the excitement in their voice as the contemplate telling the youngster what Saturday is going to be like … if I speak to the person who’s been nominated there’s usually a few seconds of stunned silence as they take in the news.

What sort of people are nominated?

Well, here’s a little about this weeks Rewards:

When Jane Priest’s dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer the whole family was devastated. But, the plucky 79 year old is currently undergoing chemo and everyone is rallying round after him. He’s an avid Clarets fan and, as is an ex-police officer, he was a regular face at Turf Moor in the 70s and 80s while he was marshalling. When he wasn’t watching the Claret’s in an official capacity he was catching games as a season ticket holder with his 2 kids, his grandson and his sister-in-law. He was over the moon when Burnley decided to launch the campaign supporting Prostate cancer charities – but is also disappointed that his illness means he can no longer be a season ticket holder. So, Julie asked us to cheer him up with a VIP day at Turf Moor, and we were happy to oblige!

David Haworth nominated his friend’s son Theo Bishop. When Theo was only he was 14 months old he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The Doctors said he would never walk but that didn’t stop the plucky little fella from getting about! With his Zimmer frame and wheel chair he’s just as active as any other 8 year old! He now goes to Balladen CP School, where he is made to feel at home. And, there was more good news this year when he went America for a life changing operation that will help him to balance, walk unaided and most of all play football! We couldn’t think of a little Claret that deserved a good day out more!

Janice Crowther is very proud of her son Thomas. He’s 26 years old and, at the end of October, he’ll be serving his country by joining the Royal Navy. Of course, Thomas is very excited about his new career, but it also means he’ll be unable to catch his beloved Clarets at Turf Moor as much as he used to. So, Janice thought it would be great if his last big game came with all the VIP trimmings, and we were happy to help her out. Have a great day Thomas, and all the best for the future.

If you want to get involved with this – and make my week! – just click on this link Reward A Claret

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