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What's In A Footy Shirt?

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So, here’s a blog that most Kitchen Appliance companies can’t write – what’s in a football shirt?

Well, we are starting to find out because Premier Range are proud to be the official sponsors of Burnley FC -

We’ve been sponsoring the Youth Team for a fair while but this year we moved into the big league, if you’ll excuse the pun, and struck a deal to sponsor the main team who play in the Championship.

It’s all very exciting.

The main, and most visible, part of sponsoring a football team is the fact our logo is splashed across the front of both the away and home kits. Every time the Clarets run out onto the pitch, wherever they are, we go with them 

Of course we don’t have any say over how that shirt is designed but I can tell you this, those fans can be the world’s most critical fashion critics!

Even the most hardened editor at Vogue has nothing on a lifelong footy fan that’s not happy with the new season’s get up.


Saying that some of them are pretty good designers too - Look Here!

So, what makes a footy shirt acceptable for the fans.  Well, continuity seems to be the main thing.  A team’s shirt needs to look like a team’s shirt, if you catch my drift.

But, the team, and their designers, have to keep up with current trends. The team don’t want to look like the 1966 World Cup team, even if they want to play like them. So, obviously, the colours have to feature prominently – you can’t have the Clarets go out with no Claret on them – the team badge has to be on - and we, the sponsors, need to be featured as well. 

In this case, we’re pretty happy with that bit.

The old adage is you can’t please all the people all the time, and I think Burnley have managed to strike the correct balance with the new season shirts … I’m a big fan of the away kit as it happens, and I’m sure plenty of fans will be enjoying, and buying, both kits.

We had no idea here at Premier Range that kit design was such a complicated process, it’s really not something one would think about, but the important thing is the way the team performs.

And, after last season, we’re sure The Clarets will go from strength to strength in 2012/13 

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