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When you fit a cooker hood you have two choices with your filtering or ventilation - you can either vent your hood externally using ducting or, if that’s not possible, you can use a carbon filter.

There has been a great deal of debate on which system work the best but most of the time the decision if made for you by the design of your kitchen or it’s position in your home.  The thing you need to do though is know exactly what you’re buying and why. 

Let’s start with filtering. 

This method is most popular in kitchens where access to outside wall isn’t easy – think flats, apartments and back-to-backs  - but can also be a life saver if you have fitted an Island Hood and are unable to gain easy access to your ceiling space to fit the piping. So what about the filter its self? 

Well, you’ve probably all heard of Carbon (Or Charcoal) filters but, if you’re anything like me, you’ve never really thought about what they are and what they do. Well, here’s what I learnt while researching this blog. When charcoal is treated with oxygen thousand’s of tiny pores open up between the atoms – this is when it becomes known as Activated Charcoal - the resulting surface area of the newly activated charcoal is an incredible 300-2,000 square metres per gram!  So, when any other carbon based particles, … grease, food bits, certain smell particles … float past they are absorbed by the charcoal and are nuetralised. 

It’s a very clever process that has remained pretty much unchanged for 100s of years.  Knowing this also helps you to remind yourself when to change your filter – and the more you cook, or use you extractor, the more often you need to change.

Another thing we like to tell our customers here at Premier Range is - turn your hood on about 20 minutes before you start cooking. This gets the air moving around in the kitchen and your extraction will be a lot more efficient while you are actually cooking.

That’s particularly important when using a filter.

The other way to extract your air is with ducting – the easy way to take the smells and other nastys out of your kitchen.

Not a great deal to say on this method as it’s pretty straight forward from the user end of things – you just have to make sure you have the room to install any piping when you are making your purchase. 

Island hoods are a very popular line, but they can be very hard indeed to retro fit to a modern home – but as I said, they can be recalculated pretty well with filters – but if you’re starting from scratch Island Filters aren’t any more difficult to vent that wall mounted hoods. 

Venting kits should be manufacturer recommended and certainly not made of plastic.

If you can get to the piping it’s a good idea to replace it very 5-7 years – just to make sure it’s working efficiently, is hygienically sound and not clogging up. 

The one thing you must never to it let your venting situation lead your choice of hood – most modern cooker hoods will work with both systems.

Just choose the hood you want and make sure you keep up the maintenance and you shouldn’t have any problems. 

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