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Interior Design and New Technology

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The Art Of Glass
Is design led by art, fashion or technology? The real answer, of course, is all 3 – they kind of feed into each other  … but I think the one that is least spoken of is Technology.

Sure, it’s nailed on that art and fashion are at the very forefront of design ideas. Even us DIY Interior Decorators are influenced by the things we see, the articles we read and the tastes we share with our house mates.

But it’s often technology that helps us to realise our ideas.
From the plastic moulding of the 50s and 60s, to the modern gadgets and rise in cheap to buy tool in the 70s – technology has helped us stamp our own personalities on our homes for years now.

So, what has come along to prompt these musing on techno-decorating?

Big printers, that’s what!
‘Eh?’ I hear you say ‘Big printers? How does that even work?’

Well, printers are usually the little black box that sits in the corner of the office, refusing to talk to any computers you may own, but newly developed technology has produced enormous, cost-effective printers that can print on just about anything – including glass!

Big, massive sheets of toughened safety glass no less! You know, the kind you use for splashbacks in the kitchen!

This is exciting, well it is to me, as it’s means you can have just about anything you like printed on an easy to clean surface and mount it just about anywhere.

I’ve mainly seen these used as Splashbbacks, which is the most obvious way of utilising this technology … but I have also seen printed glass as feature walls, picture replacements, shower doors and even safety railings around garden decking!

It’s a brilliant innovation and, like most little leaps, it’s happening pretty quietly.

Pictures have been available on glass for quite a while – I know that – but it was usually achieved with expensive screen-printing technology. Screen-printing is actually quite restrictive too.  So, another way of getting pretty pics on glass is with stickers which, again, isn’t ideal as they are prone to damage and colour fade.

The development of colour glass printing has brought about the invention of inks that cure so well on the glass that they become virtually scratch proof – so even if you use them outside you’re going to have a pretty robust piece of art sitting in the garden.

Most printers are flatbed too – so the shape of the glass can change and, because these printers are really cheap to run, bespoke printing will soon be a very normal thing in nearly all stores that offer this kind of printing.
So? What are you waiting for?
Let your mind run riot and design the kitchen, garden or bedroom of your dreams with bespoke art on every wall … in glass!

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