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St. George's Day Food

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The 23rd of April sees us celebrating things English – why? Well, it’s St George’s Day of course!

Now, we know the Irish kind of have the whole Patron Saint thing wrapped up … after all, who doesn’t like mashed spuds and green clothes!

So, poor old George gets a bit neglected – not here at Premier Range though! Because we’re going to start celebrating in typically English fashion and reservedly mention a few traditional recipes you may want to try at home … perhaps with some Elderflower Wine.

You have to start the day with:

Full English Breakfast

Of course, if you do it right, you probably won’t need to eat for the rest of the day! The secret here, of course, it sourcing the correct kind of ingredients – so, as it’s a special occasion make sure to pick up good quality, organic sausages and bacon … pile on the free ranges eggs … and, to make it English, you’ll need Black Pudding, beans and fired bread … tea, toast and marmalade are the perfect accompaniment too. Tradition would dictate frying everything  – but this dish is just as tasty when grilled or baked.

Toad In The Hole   

Get your bake on! Like a full meal in one this, few veggies on the side and you’re getting all the necessaries on one plate.  The name of this dish is shrouded in mystery., but most food historians believe it’s merely the resemblance of sausages looking like toads peering out of a pond. That said, the original recipe didn’t include sausages – it was "6d or 1s worth of bits and pieces of any kind of meat, which are to be had cheapest at night when the day's sale is over’ – cheap cuts really.

Perfect Broccoli

Talking of side dishes, Jamie has come up with the perfect way to make broccoli – just a pan, your hob and some butter.  Broccoli is a staple of many an English meal because it’s an easy veg to grow in our climate – it’s packed full of iron, fibre and, believe it or not, loads of Vitamin C too!

Fish and Chips

Pretty much the most English dish in the land. Now, we all love a chippy tea, Friday nights it used to be at our house – copy of the Beano too if you were lucky – but you can just as easily knock up your own, especially if you own a good deep fat fryer. There are probably healthier ways to make this dish but it’s really not as fatty as it sounds if you do it right. Plus, you can stick real English Ale in the batter and ramp up that St George vibe!


Pudding now! Trifle is just about the most English pudding there is – cream, jelly, custard, sponge … and booze! In fact, this particular pud has been around for over 400 years! As far as historians can tell - the earliest use of the name trifle was for a thick cream flavoured with sugar, ginger and rosewater, the recipe for which was published in England, 1596, in a book called "The good huswife's Jewell" by Thomas Dawson. Sixty years later eggs were added and the custard was poured over alcohol soaked bread.

So, now you have all the knowledge you need to prepare a truly epic St George’s Day feast! Enjoy!

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