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Romantic Recipes For Valentine's Day

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Sugar Heart - Valentines Recipe ideas 

‘Love is in the air, do do do do, love is in the air’ … or it will be when Valentine’s Day is upon us!

As getting a table in a swanky restaurant usually means a) booking 6 months in advance and b) shelling out tons of casht, why not treat your significant other to a selection of home made goodies and a nice bottle of vino instead!

In fact, go all out - dress the table up, put some Barry White on the CD player and wear your best togs.

You’ll have to sort that last bit out yourself, but we’ll get you started with a few hand-selected recipes.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon & chives


Actually, let’s start with breakfast – might as well make a day of it! Eggs Benadict is so easy to do, but looks so posh and decadent it’s perfect for that breafast in bed start to the day. Make sure you don’t over poach the egg, that’s the secret. You want it just done, so when the yoke is broken it oozes down over the salmon and the bread, mmmmmmm. Secret to a good poached egg? Boling water, a splash of vinegar and a very controllable hob!


Italian Bruschetta

When it comes to romance you have to travel pretty far to beat the Italians – and, when it comes to food, is there a better combination than bread, garlic and tomatoes? No, we don’t think so. Of course we’re not talking pizzas here, that’d be a bit much for a starter – we’re talking a light little dish that will start your evening off perfectly. If you want to ramp up the romance, how about cutting your bruschetta on a new purchased Red Rose Chopping board ;-)


Seared Duck Breasts with Honey, Soy and Ginger


How’s this for decadence? Well, if you can’t push the boat out with a little naught Asian –tinged food on the most romantic night of the year then when can you? If you are wondering about taste, it’s similar to a sweet and sour dish, but with slightly more subtle flavours. Now, although this dish sounds complicated, it really isn’t So long as your oven is working well and you don’t burn the duck on the hob, this dish will make you look like a proper chef! 




Roasted Vegetable Linguine with Torn Fresh Basil


How about something for the Veggies? Not a problem! Now this recipe serves 6, which is a little crowded for a romantic dinner so you may want to reduce the ingredients a little … or maybe not as Asparagus is well know aphrodisiac! Also, and this was new to us, the Italian nickname for Basil is ‘kiss-me Nicolas’! The heat in the chilli flakes give a nice little kick to this delicious meal and the whole she-bang can be easily prepared on the hob.




Valentine Macaroons




You have to have pudding, right? Well, make sure it’s nothing to stodgy, you don’t want to fall asleep during the romantic movie you’ll be watching – macaroons and sweet, look gorgeous and are, relatively , easy to make.  Just make sure you don’t over work the mixture,  you don’t leave them in the oven too long and you bake them with plenty of love!


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