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Top 5 Trends In Winter Kitchen Design

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This week we’ll be talking about trends in decoration and how the trendy kitchens will be looking this winter.

Now, I know the rest of the home is usually spring cleaned and sorted during the warmer months – but the kitchen really comes in to it’s own during the winter months as we ramp up the heating and look for warm treats to eat.

1. Colour Trends

Now, we’re not taking painting the walls or buying a new table cloth – this is something that’s close to the Premier Range heart - Colour Appliances. We have really upped our game in 2014 designing and sourcing colour coded appliances and accessories.  Obviously, black and silver are still strong colours for the kitchen … especially in hoods or hobs … but trends of beige, grey and cream are really shining through this year … and we have all that ... plus splashbacks to match. . Of course, here at Premier Range we offer the truly adventurous a little something too.

2. Monochrome/

Contradicting what we’ve just said the monochrome is something that taking the kitchen world by storm. Usually the preserve of the contemporary kitchen, the more traditional designs are starting to go with that black and white feel.  Of course, finding black appliances is never hard work … but why not mix things up with a white hood, hob or splashback … even something patterned.

3. Concealing Appliances

Now, hiding the oven or hob behind a cupboard isn’t a great idea, health and safety wise, but the rest of your appliances can be neatly squirreled away behind doors and draw fronts. It’s a trend that become more and more popular – and it really gives a kitchen a contemporary feel. We do actually offer a great solution to hiding plugs and sockets too.

4. Cool Illumination

The kitchen is the heart o the home and just banging up a fluorescent light or a bare bulb is no longer and option. LEDs have made illuminating your kitchen a real pleasure – from hoods and splashbacks (bit of a PR exclusive there) to kickboards and under cupboard spotlights. It’s amazing how much you can change the mood of your kitchen just by adding a different colour lighting idea – try it, you’ll be amazed.

4. Cool Worktops

If you are spending time picking out the perfect hob – don’t spoil it by sticking it in a rubbish worktop. It used to be an expensive business to get the perfect worktop, but even a granite top is well within most budgets these days. But, if you want something to enhance your worktop – why not opt for a granite hob!!

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