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Great Recipes For A Late Bonfire Party!

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Bonfire night being mid-week means most of us will looking to have a little party at the weekend instead. So, whether you are hosting your own shebang, or tipping up at an organised event, making sure you have the right food to munch is essential.

So, grab and pen and we’ll give you a few hints on what you could severing at your Bonfire, or after-Bonfire, party!

1. Tomato and Chilli Soup

So, here is something that’s super easy just to knock up on the hob without too much prep or fuss. A warming, tasty Tomato and Chilli Soup. It’s got a lovely comforting texture and, the great thing about soup is, you can serve it in mugs and everyone can have it standing up while watching the fireworks.

2. Spicy Pumpkin Soup

Another easy recipe for the hob but this time a double whammy – because you can use all the pumpkins left over from Halloween! We’re joking of course, best to buy fresh pumpkins rather than the ones rotting on the garden wall, but this is still a lovely recipe. What’s more, it’s low fat too – so you can have an extra toffee apple.

3. Bacon Stuffed Spuds

Time to use the oven now!

How do Bacon Stuffed Spuds sound? Yummy! Jacket potatoes are a Bonfire night favourite and this recipe from Mathew Tompkinson just puts a little twist on the usual fillings. Again, eating standing up is always a bonus if you want spend the evening in the cold fresh air watching the fireworks – but this dish can also be served as part of a main meal.

4. Sweet Chilli Dogs

More hand-held favourites here, this time from our friends across the pond in the good ‘ol US. Both the hob and oven being used here and, boy, will it be worth it. This fiery twist on the classic hot dog is so delicious that even if the local bonfire is having trouble getting going they will warm your belly and make you feel all toasty inside.

5. Parkin

Pudding!!!! And you don’t get more traditional than Parkin, and we found a great recipe for Lancashire Parkin (we are from Lancashire after all). So, fire up the oven and get you hands into this scrummy, spicy, sweet treat for Bonfire night. And, if anyone fancies dropping of a few treats at the Premier Range office, well, feel free!

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