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The Big Cheque Handover!

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It all started at the Derby of Derbies, the Blackburn Vs Burnley game on 14th September 2013.

Jeff ‘You Buy One You Get One Free’ Brown was doing his usual ‘Master of Ceremonies’ bit in the 1882 Lounge, when he indulged in a bit of friendly banter with our  MD - (we Sponsors Burnley FC you see ;-) )

Usually, this banter would be run-of-the-mill stuff about Kitchen appliances and windows … but, this Saturday was different … because our MD laid a gauntlet in front of Jeff – with 10, 000 pound price tag on it!

What did Jeff have to do to win his prize?

Well, firstly, the prize wasn’t for Jeff, it was for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal – a fabulous charity that funds cancer research and helps those effected by the disease … all Jeff had to do to bag the loot was run the 10k Burnley Run for Life!
A daunting task for a man who admitted himself that the most exercise he got was when he walked from the front door to the car!

Well, Jeff is a man of his word and immediately went into training.

Jamie Kennedy, Manager of Fitness Experience Burnley, offered his services, free, to make sure Jeff trained safe, as well as hard. Jamie told Jeff he would train him personally to ensure he was ready to run the distance.

Jamie put his philosophy in action by focussing on Jeff’s training, lifestyle and nutrition.  Cue lots of sweat, tears and scenes like that one from Rocky when he runs up the steps and cheers to an empty street below … only in the North West of England rather than New York.

Jeff lost an amazing 7 stone 2 pounds over his 6 months training period, reduced his body fat by 15%! He admitted feeling better than he had done for years – in fact, in a recent interview he said ‘This experience has changed my life’.
Premier Range’s MD saw him at a game in April and ordered the cheque from the bank that day  –  Jeff already looked like he could run to Blackburn and back!

Running 10k isn’t all about being thin though, you need stamina and resolve too – and, on 2nd July 2013, Jeff proved he had it! With Jamie, the FX staff and his son by his side, he completed 10,000 meters and raised a pound for every single one.

So, well done Jeff.

It was winners all round though.

We spend most days selling Kitchen Appliances to customers on line – so we were happy to take time out to watch Jeff’s progress – and then donate the £10, 000 to The Jane Tomlinson Appeal … helping not only Jeff change his life in a small way … but also contributing to the £4million plus the charity have raised since 2002.

If you want to donate, or get involved with the Race for All in 2014, just visit 

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