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Kitchen Design Made Simple

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Kitchen Design, like many aspects of modern life, is ruled by changing fashion. That’s why the design team at Premier Range have to be aware of what’s happening where and when.

Of course, Coco Channel once said ‘Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever.’ so, we have to tread the thin line between staying bang-up-to-the-minute and looking dated within 5 years.

The move away from hidden extractor fans into the world of very visible cooker hoods is something, we feel, will be around for a long time to come.

For one it makes make life easier when fitting kitchens, secondly it means that people who have a cooker islands don’t have to worry about having their hood on display.

One place it does open up a whole can of worms is in the design department.

The boffins in the office now have to make sure all the internal gubbins does the correct job, while the outside of their once functional products now have to look slick and stylish.

Well, so far so good, it’s not often you see a truly hideous cooker hood design.

One of the reasons people have embraced the visible extractor/cooker hood, we believe, is because there is something genuinely comforting about seeing a ‘chimney’ in a kitchen.

True, we don’t cook on open fires anymore, but the kitchen is still the heart of any home and it’s always better if it’s a comforting place to be.

So, where does that leave us on fashion/style/looks and all those other matters of aesthetics?

To us it means not over designing something.

If you change your kitchen every 2 years it’s probably fine to have a cooker hood that looks like an Andy Warhol original – but, if you keep your kitchen the way it is, a hood that’s clean, fresh and simple will go with just about any look and still be stylish.

You should always favour hoods that have a chimney, a well-designed control panel and an efficient extractor.

Lines should be kept to a minimum and the over all finish should be unfussy - black and silver are both reassuring colours that are also neutral so, once again, they aren’t going to clash if you want to change the design of your cooking area.

Push button versus finger touch control panels can also be an aesthetics choice. Touch panels can be easily hidden, so your cooker hood can have an almost blank front, where as push buttons can add a retro chic – as well as a reassuring ‘clunk’ when pressed.

The one advantage a touch panel does have is it’s easier to clean so we can assume they will soon become the norm, - opening up the way for funky graphics to be added to the control area of a hood. Of course, they could easily date too.

Buying the right cooker hood for your kitchen is a totally personal thing, so you certainly don’t have to take my advice, but should you want to I say –keep it simple, keep it subtle and keep it stylish.

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