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Burnley and Premier Range

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The friendly matches are in full swing and it’s soon going to be time to start the new footy season proper – we can’t wait.

Burnley FC went from strength to strength last season – and now it’s all about the Premiership. Which means they’ll be pitted against some of the top names in football – including Man City, Man United and Chelsea. That’s an impressive list of names and one Burnley now reside on too.

We couldn’t be more proud.

And, we’re gonna be giving loyal Clarets a chance to enjoy that pride with VIP days at Turf Moor.


Well, first way is simply entering the draw.

The other way is to nominate someone for our Reward a Claret scheme!

Maybe you know someone who's fighting an illness and hasn't been able to get to a match for a while... it could be someone who's fallen on hard times and hasn't been able to afford a ticket... or just someone who is so busy helping other people they don't have time to get to Turf Moor.


Whatever the reason, you can nominate any Burnley FC fan who could do with a little special something in their life by letting us know who they are and why you think they would benefit from an Executive Day Out at Turf Moor in 100 words or less.


They'll be treated to a pre-match ground tour, complimentary match day programme, a three course meal in the Neville Gee 1882 Lounge, seats to watch the match in the 100 Club area (that's right next to the Directors enclosure!), half-time refreshments plus a chance to meet the Man of the Match after the game.


Obviously we'd love to offer this fabulous day out to everyone we think deserves it, but places are limited as the 100 Club only has so many seats. So, if you're not lucky the first time you try, you can always have another go for the next home game.

It all starts on 10th of August – so be sure to get involved.

Hot, Hot, Hot

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Well, what can we say, 2016 has been eventful so far.

Despite the weather problems in the local area at the beginning of the year, Premier Range is still going from strength to strength.

We are adding to vast array of glass products almost weekly and the feedback we have been getting is brilliant

'Our personal photo splashback arrived today :) Thank you for the great service and thank you for the amazing job you have done, it looks stunning and even better than I expected :) :)' - Leonie Gunn wrote on Premier Range's Timeline on Facebook.

We have also joined the Burnley FC team again as their Website sponsors - and then they made their way into the Premiership

We are so proud to be involved and can't wait to send lucky Clarets on VIP days out once the season starts!

We're also getting around the net inspiring people at places like Houzz

Keep your eyes on the site for the rest of the year though - because we are only just getting started!

PR Team

They think it's all over ... well, nearly!

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Well, we’ve finished out competitions for the year with Burnley FC – but we are very excited to start again for the new season.

How exciting will it be if Burnley make it into the Premiership too!

We have supported Burnley for years – initially getting involved with their youth team and then moving on to be shirt sponsors.

We are very proud of the team, and the Gaffer of course, and how hard they have all worked to become the players they are today.

We’re Clarets through and through here at Premier Range and we can’t wait for next seasons big games … and to Reward some other Clarets with a VIP trip to Turf Moor.

Clarets Winners 5th April

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Once again we were honoured to send some happy Clarets to Turf Moor to enjoy a night of VIP treatment.

Sam Robinson was nominated by his lovey wife and drove all the way from Derby to watch Burley draw with Cardiff.

And Glenys Eastwood enjoyed VIP matchday hospitality just by entering our draw.



Reward a Claret and Draw is back!!!

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Well, we have become a main sponsor at Burnley FC again and we couldn’t be happier.

As a business we go from strength to strength, aiming to improve every day, better products, better customer service, better partners – and it seems that Burnley are reflecting that by having an absolutely fantastic season!

Could we see our selves teamed up with a Premiership side?

Fingers crossed!

One of the best things about being a sponsor at Burnley is being able to give a little back to the community – helping people out and enjoying the great game together.

We do that by offering a little VIP treatment at Turf Moor every home game in our free Draw and our Reward a Claret scheme.

We give 4 people the chance to hang out in the Neville Gee 1880 lounge, have a slap up feed, watch the match from the Director’s Box, tour the ground and, sometimes, meet the Man of the Match.

Pretty special I think you’ll agree – and it gives us a warm glow to make it happen.

The Draw is easy – Clarets just pop their details into our name picker … that randomly pops up the lucky person and we send them on their way.

The Reward a Claret scheme takes a little more time.

We ask Burnley fans to nominate someone they feel deserves a treat – maybe they give their time to community projects … maybe they are a selfless carer for someone who really needs them … or perhaps it’s juts someone who is very poorly and needs something to look forward to.

This makes my job very hard because, ideally, I’d like to send everybody the Turf Moor for the day.

The good thing is we keep all the entrants so they can be considered at any time.


This week we sent Chris Shapland, who was nominated by his wife Rachel for selflessly spending so much of his spare time helping to coach a local junior football team. Chris joined the other VIPs for his meal and enjoyed the whole day.

So, do you know anyone who may enjoy this prize? Well, get them nominated!

Interior Design and New Technology

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The Art Of Glass
Is design led by art, fashion or technology? The real answer, of course, is all 3 – they kind of feed into each other  … but I think the one that is least spoken of is Technology.

Sure, it’s nailed on that art and fashion are at the very forefront of design ideas. Even us DIY Interior Decorators are influenced by the things we see, the articles we read and the tastes we share with our house mates.

But it’s often technology that helps us to realise our ideas.
From the plastic moulding of the 50s and 60s, to the modern gadgets and rise in cheap to buy tool in the 70s – technology has helped us stamp our own personalities on our homes for years now.

So, what has come along to prompt these musing on techno-decorating?

Big printers, that’s what!
‘Eh?’ I hear you say ‘Big printers? How does that even work?’

Well, printers are usually the little black box that sits in the corner of the office, refusing to talk to any computers you may own, but newly developed technology has produced enormous, cost-effective printers that can print on just about anything – including glass!

Big, massive sheets of toughened safety glass no less! You know, the kind you use for splashbacks in the kitchen!

This is exciting, well it is to me, as it’s means you can have just about anything you like printed on an easy to clean surface and mount it just about anywhere.

I’ve mainly seen these used as Splashbbacks, which is the most obvious way of utilising this technology … but I have also seen printed glass as feature walls, picture replacements, shower doors and even safety railings around garden decking!

It’s a brilliant innovation and, like most little leaps, it’s happening pretty quietly.

Pictures have been available on glass for quite a while – I know that – but it was usually achieved with expensive screen-printing technology. Screen-printing is actually quite restrictive too.  So, another way of getting pretty pics on glass is with stickers which, again, isn’t ideal as they are prone to damage and colour fade.

The development of colour glass printing has brought about the invention of inks that cure so well on the glass that they become virtually scratch proof – so even if you use them outside you’re going to have a pretty robust piece of art sitting in the garden.

Most printers are flatbed too – so the shape of the glass can change and, because these printers are really cheap to run, bespoke printing will soon be a very normal thing in nearly all stores that offer this kind of printing.
So? What are you waiting for?
Let your mind run riot and design the kitchen, garden or bedroom of your dreams with bespoke art on every wall … in glass!

What kind of Oven?

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When you are looking to improve your kitchen - both aesthetically and practically, we always have something to help out here at Premier Range.

So, these week we're taking a look at ovens!

First up it's our 60cm Black Push Knobs Controlled Fan Oven!

Designed to be fitted just about anywhere in a modern looking kitchen. The control knobs pop out when you’re using them, then push right back in, making them very hygienic … they also give this oven a fantastically sleek look. The highly polished glass is almost mirror-like and it’s designed to retain the interior heat without the outside getting warm. It’s a multifunction oven – so it’s versatile. As well as the spacious 55 litre cooking space, this oven also features a full width grill … with grill pan included

The double- glazed insulated oven door gives that energy efficiency rating of A and that’s as high as it gets. For added convenience and practicality there is a defrost function– plus a bright interior oven light that makes it easy to check cooking progress without opening the oven door

Or, if you need double oven action how about 60cm PRX60 Black Built-In Electric Double Oven

Designed to be fitted at eye level in keeping with a modern look kitchen. Black highly polished glass contrasts perfectly with cool-chrome of the the polished steel fittings. Easy to use stylish LED screen helps you access the multifunction digital timer – so you’ll always know what’s going on in the 2 separate ovens. The fan in the bottom oven provides consistency in cooking temperature and the defrost function can thaw food 4 times faster than natural defrosting. Both ovens are rated A for energy efficiency – double-glazed, insulated oven doors help with that rating. You get a full width grill element with full width grill pan and removable handle provided. You’ll find high quality chrome safety shelves with anti-pull design – they have a little lip so when you pull the rack out it catches and the stops the rack sliding straight out – simple but effective.  And, of course, that interior light ;-)

Or, for the ultimate oven experience 90cm Black Gas Range Cooker - 5 Ring Gas Hob & 110 Litre Oven

Because ranges are all the rage!

This stylish, black, 5 ring range would look fantastic in any modern kitchen. Featuring a huge 110 litre oven space, plus 5 burners, including a super powerful Wok Burner, it's perfect for families and budding chefs alike. The door is double glazed so it's designed to retain the interior heat without the outside getting warm - plus, there is also a full width grill … with grill pan included. The door gives that all important energy efficiency rating of A ... that's as high as it gets.

Plus, look at that understated, matt black finish - it's a designers dream!

So, no matter what you are looking for, you'll probably find it right here at Premier Range!

St. George's Day Food

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The 23rd of April sees us celebrating things English – why? Well, it’s St George’s Day of course!

Now, we know the Irish kind of have the whole Patron Saint thing wrapped up … after all, who doesn’t like mashed spuds and green clothes!

So, poor old George gets a bit neglected – not here at Premier Range though! Because we’re going to start celebrating in typically English fashion and reservedly mention a few traditional recipes you may want to try at home … perhaps with some Elderflower Wine.

You have to start the day with:

Full English Breakfast

Of course, if you do it right, you probably won’t need to eat for the rest of the day! The secret here, of course, it sourcing the correct kind of ingredients – so, as it’s a special occasion make sure to pick up good quality, organic sausages and bacon … pile on the free ranges eggs … and, to make it English, you’ll need Black Pudding, beans and fired bread … tea, toast and marmalade are the perfect accompaniment too. Tradition would dictate frying everything  – but this dish is just as tasty when grilled or baked.

Toad In The Hole   

Get your bake on! Like a full meal in one this, few veggies on the side and you’re getting all the necessaries on one plate.  The name of this dish is shrouded in mystery., but most food historians believe it’s merely the resemblance of sausages looking like toads peering out of a pond. That said, the original recipe didn’t include sausages – it was "6d or 1s worth of bits and pieces of any kind of meat, which are to be had cheapest at night when the day's sale is over’ – cheap cuts really.

Perfect Broccoli

Talking of side dishes, Jamie has come up with the perfect way to make broccoli – just a pan, your hob and some butter.  Broccoli is a staple of many an English meal because it’s an easy veg to grow in our climate – it’s packed full of iron, fibre and, believe it or not, loads of Vitamin C too!

Fish and Chips

Pretty much the most English dish in the land. Now, we all love a chippy tea, Friday nights it used to be at our house – copy of the Beano too if you were lucky – but you can just as easily knock up your own, especially if you own a good deep fat fryer. There are probably healthier ways to make this dish but it’s really not as fatty as it sounds if you do it right. Plus, you can stick real English Ale in the batter and ramp up that St George vibe!


Pudding now! Trifle is just about the most English pudding there is – cream, jelly, custard, sponge … and booze! In fact, this particular pud has been around for over 400 years! As far as historians can tell - the earliest use of the name trifle was for a thick cream flavoured with sugar, ginger and rosewater, the recipe for which was published in England, 1596, in a book called "The good huswife's Jewell" by Thomas Dawson. Sixty years later eggs were added and the custard was poured over alcohol soaked bread.

So, now you have all the knowledge you need to prepare a truly epic St George’s Day feast! Enjoy!

Pancake Day Treats!

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It’s Pancake Day!!!

Traditionally this is the start of lent, when we eat all our fatty foods in order to avoid such temptation for the next 6 weeks before hogging out on Easter Eggs. Or, going further back in history, it’s when we eat all the perishables before the spring harvest … either way, it’s a great excuse to grab a frying pan, fire up the hob and cook yourself a treat for breakfast, lunch and tea!

Mardi Gras is s French for "Fat Tuesday" (our Shrove Tuesday) and refers to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting for lent – so, if you’re feeling a bit outlandish today, grab you colourful feathers and start a parade of deliciousness through your kitchen!
It’s not just about Pancakes either – here in the north we don’t do things by halves.

Scarborough celebrates Pancake Day by closing the foreshore to all traffic, closing schools early, and inviting all to skip along the main road. Traditionally, long ropes were used from the nearby harbour. Celebrations are started by the town crier ringing the pancake bell.
While in Whitechapel, Lancashire, the local kids keep the local tradition alive by visiting local households and asking "please a pancake", to be rewarded with oranges or sweets. It is thought the tradition arose when farm workers visited the wealthier farm and manor owners to ask for pancakes or pancake fillings.
Although the humble pancake is usually a traditional affair, we here at Premier Range have found a few recipes that may offer you a different taste sensation this Shrove Tuesday.

1: American Breakfast Pancakes
Now, these are very popular here in the UK these days, I’m sure we can hold Homer Simpson responsible for that! Mind you, Nigella usually knows the score, so she could be helping us Brits Americanise our brekkies too. If you are lucky enough to have a griddle just drop that over 2 of the rings on your hob – if not, just use a flat bottomed pan.

2. Carrot Cake Pancakes
Again, you’ll be cooking on the hob (seems pancakes are never made in the oven – well, nearly, see below!). These delicious goodies are perfect for lunch – they are light, nutritious and won’t make you feel lethargic in the afternoon. 

Yes, you read that right! Combining carrot Cake and Pancakes to make the ultimate healthy alternative to the traditional fare!

3: Parmesan Oven Pancake with Asparagus, Prosciutto and Buttermilk Blue     

Now, it’s time to get naughty and indulge yourself for tea-time. Chill some wine, light the candles and treat someone special to a taste sensation. Plus, Asparagus is super good for you, so you can pretend it’s a healthy snack – actually, it is quite heathy, especially if you use wholemeal flour. Skillet on the hob and a pre-heated oven is all you’ll need to make this pancake Day a meal to remember.

4: Traditional
If you just don’t feel the need to mess with the classics, then we also have a ‘proper’ pancake recipe for you here.  It’s been Triple tested in the Woman's Weekly magazine kitchen – so you know it’s gonna be good, plus it only takes 5 minutes!

5: Star Wars Pancakes!

Yep, really! Check this out! Click here to see AMAZING Pancakes!

Like we said, fire up the hob and get your Pancake on!

Romantic Recipes For Valentine's Day

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Sugar Heart - Valentines Recipe ideas 

‘Love is in the air, do do do do, love is in the air’ … or it will be when Valentine’s Day is upon us!

As getting a table in a swanky restaurant usually means a) booking 6 months in advance and b) shelling out tons of casht, why not treat your significant other to a selection of home made goodies and a nice bottle of vino instead!

In fact, go all out - dress the table up, put some Barry White on the CD player and wear your best togs.

You’ll have to sort that last bit out yourself, but we’ll get you started with a few hand-selected recipes.

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon & chives


Actually, let’s start with breakfast – might as well make a day of it! Eggs Benadict is so easy to do, but looks so posh and decadent it’s perfect for that breafast in bed start to the day. Make sure you don’t over poach the egg, that’s the secret. You want it just done, so when the yoke is broken it oozes down over the salmon and the bread, mmmmmmm. Secret to a good poached egg? Boling water, a splash of vinegar and a very controllable hob!


Italian Bruschetta

When it comes to romance you have to travel pretty far to beat the Italians – and, when it comes to food, is there a better combination than bread, garlic and tomatoes? No, we don’t think so. Of course we’re not talking pizzas here, that’d be a bit much for a starter – we’re talking a light little dish that will start your evening off perfectly. If you want to ramp up the romance, how about cutting your bruschetta on a new purchased Red Rose Chopping board ;-)


Seared Duck Breasts with Honey, Soy and Ginger


How’s this for decadence? Well, if you can’t push the boat out with a little naught Asian –tinged food on the most romantic night of the year then when can you? If you are wondering about taste, it’s similar to a sweet and sour dish, but with slightly more subtle flavours. Now, although this dish sounds complicated, it really isn’t So long as your oven is working well and you don’t burn the duck on the hob, this dish will make you look like a proper chef! 




Roasted Vegetable Linguine with Torn Fresh Basil


How about something for the Veggies? Not a problem! Now this recipe serves 6, which is a little crowded for a romantic dinner so you may want to reduce the ingredients a little … or maybe not as Asparagus is well know aphrodisiac! Also, and this was new to us, the Italian nickname for Basil is ‘kiss-me Nicolas’! The heat in the chilli flakes give a nice little kick to this delicious meal and the whole she-bang can be easily prepared on the hob.




Valentine Macaroons




You have to have pudding, right? Well, make sure it’s nothing to stodgy, you don’t want to fall asleep during the romantic movie you’ll be watching – macaroons and sweet, look gorgeous and are, relatively , easy to make.  Just make sure you don’t over work the mixture,  you don’t leave them in the oven too long and you bake them with plenty of love!


Top 5 Trends In Winter Kitchen Design

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This week we’ll be talking about trends in decoration and how the trendy kitchens will be looking this winter.

Now, I know the rest of the home is usually spring cleaned and sorted during the warmer months – but the kitchen really comes in to it’s own during the winter months as we ramp up the heating and look for warm treats to eat.

1. Colour Trends

Now, we’re not taking painting the walls or buying a new table cloth – this is something that’s close to the Premier Range heart - Colour Appliances. We have really upped our game in 2014 designing and sourcing colour coded appliances and accessories.  Obviously, black and silver are still strong colours for the kitchen … especially in hoods or hobs … but trends of beige, grey and cream are really shining through this year … and we have all that ... plus splashbacks to match. . Of course, here at Premier Range we offer the truly adventurous a little something too.

2. Monochrome/

Contradicting what we’ve just said the monochrome is something that taking the kitchen world by storm. Usually the preserve of the contemporary kitchen, the more traditional designs are starting to go with that black and white feel.  Of course, finding black appliances is never hard work … but why not mix things up with a white hood, hob or splashback … even something patterned.

3. Concealing Appliances

Now, hiding the oven or hob behind a cupboard isn’t a great idea, health and safety wise, but the rest of your appliances can be neatly squirreled away behind doors and draw fronts. It’s a trend that become more and more popular – and it really gives a kitchen a contemporary feel. We do actually offer a great solution to hiding plugs and sockets too.

4. Cool Illumination

The kitchen is the heart o the home and just banging up a fluorescent light or a bare bulb is no longer and option. LEDs have made illuminating your kitchen a real pleasure – from hoods and splashbacks (bit of a PR exclusive there) to kickboards and under cupboard spotlights. It’s amazing how much you can change the mood of your kitchen just by adding a different colour lighting idea – try it, you’ll be amazed.

4. Cool Worktops

If you are spending time picking out the perfect hob – don’t spoil it by sticking it in a rubbish worktop. It used to be an expensive business to get the perfect worktop, but even a granite top is well within most budgets these days. But, if you want something to enhance your worktop – why not opt for a granite hob!!

Please see our press release

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 It is with great sorrow that we have to announce we are breaking our ties with Wigan Athletic FC.

Football is very close to our hearts here at and we have always involved ourselves with local teams in one way or another. We had a great run with Burnley FC and were delighted when they were promoted this season.

We thought that it was natural for us move onto another local team with Wigan and we decided to sponsor their shirts. Unfortunately, their recent appointment of Malky Mackay has put us in a position that we find untenable.

Mr Mackay is currently under investigation by the FA for sending text messages that are at odds with the general ethos here at Premier Range – and, it would seem, Cardiff and Crystal Palace feel the same as us.

The texts Mr Mackay has admitted to sending are wholly unacceptable – and the thoughts expressed within them are a shocking reminder of a past we thought football had left behind.

A team that would employ a man who expresses views such these is not the kind of team Premier Range wish to deal with.

Great Recipes For A Late Bonfire Party!

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Bonfire night being mid-week means most of us will looking to have a little party at the weekend instead. So, whether you are hosting your own shebang, or tipping up at an organised event, making sure you have the right food to munch is essential.

So, grab and pen and we’ll give you a few hints on what you could severing at your Bonfire, or after-Bonfire, party!

1. Tomato and Chilli Soup

So, here is something that’s super easy just to knock up on the hob without too much prep or fuss. A warming, tasty Tomato and Chilli Soup. It’s got a lovely comforting texture and, the great thing about soup is, you can serve it in mugs and everyone can have it standing up while watching the fireworks.

2. Spicy Pumpkin Soup

Another easy recipe for the hob but this time a double whammy – because you can use all the pumpkins left over from Halloween! We’re joking of course, best to buy fresh pumpkins rather than the ones rotting on the garden wall, but this is still a lovely recipe. What’s more, it’s low fat too – so you can have an extra toffee apple.

3. Bacon Stuffed Spuds

Time to use the oven now!

How do Bacon Stuffed Spuds sound? Yummy! Jacket potatoes are a Bonfire night favourite and this recipe from Mathew Tompkinson just puts a little twist on the usual fillings. Again, eating standing up is always a bonus if you want spend the evening in the cold fresh air watching the fireworks – but this dish can also be served as part of a main meal.

4. Sweet Chilli Dogs

More hand-held favourites here, this time from our friends across the pond in the good ‘ol US. Both the hob and oven being used here and, boy, will it be worth it. This fiery twist on the classic hot dog is so delicious that even if the local bonfire is having trouble getting going they will warm your belly and make you feel all toasty inside.

5. Parkin

Pudding!!!! And you don’t get more traditional than Parkin, and we found a great recipe for Lancashire Parkin (we are from Lancashire after all). So, fire up the oven and get you hands into this scrummy, spicy, sweet treat for Bonfire night. And, if anyone fancies dropping of a few treats at the Premier Range office, well, feel free!

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