5 Cosy room ideas to warm up your home this autumn

If you want to warm up your interiors this autumn, there’s no need to go full DIY as the nights draw in. Re-imagining your home doesn’t have to cost the earth, and making a few, subtle changes can really make a difference to the way your living space makes you feel. For an easy and quick way to make your home cosy as the temperature drops outside, our tip is a printed glass radiator cover that simply ‘hooks on’ for a stylish and toasty look.

Watch our quick guide to easy-fit radiator covers to warm up your home in autumn and winter 

The beauty of a Premier Range radiator cover is that you can have whatever you want – from stylish art prints and graphics in our library to photos you upload yourself. 

Your living room in particular is a hive of activity over the colder months – with Bonfire Night, Halloween parties and of course the main event at Christmas. The ‘cold weather radiator covers’ below are just some of our favourite cosy living room ideas that work perfectly for your family and entertaining space.

Autumn room ideas

This autumnal design is a simple option that gives everyone who enters your room the warmest of welcomes.

Autumn is the perfect time for baking – so what better than a cookies cover to warm up those colder evenings?

This stylish image is ideal for creating a cosy lool in your living room when the leaves start falling outside.

This autumn sunset will really set the mood for a comfy-cosy night in with friends and family.

Autumn room ideas

You might not have a fire in your living room – so why not fit one onto your radiator for a toasty feature?

A cosy home is where the heart is – and this one will look great for Valentine’s Day and beyond too.

Enjoy a drop of wine in your living room with this sumptuous and sophisticated printed cover. 

How to fit our radiator covers

Glass radiator covers a so easy to install. With a simple hooking mechanism that allows the cover to simply ‘sit’ on top of the radiator itself, you can ‘fit’ it in under a minute to transform your room. Not many interior design projects can be completed so quickly – or have as big an effect on your room.

The easy-install hooks mean you can move each radiator cover around different rooms too (as long as the radiators are the right size) and mix things up a bit.

Safer heating for your home

Our toughened glass radiator covers actually make your radiators safer too. The covers have rounded edges so, though not a massive danger usually, it means you couldn’t knock your head on a sharp radiator corner, should you slip on one of the kid’s toy cars while tidying up.

More practically, they actually keep the front of the radiator cooler when you’ve fired the heating up to ‘Nuclear’ for those cold-snap nights. Plus, Glass Radiator Covers are pretty practical. The flat glass surface can be kept pristine with a simple duster and some glass clearer – believe me, I’ve cleaned a fair few in my time!

Won’t a cover stop my radiator…radiating?

Here’s some science to help. There’s no real loss of heat when you fit one of our radiator glass covers.  A common misconception is that radiators just radiate heat from the big flat surface – but, if you stand next to a radiator in a very unscientific experiment, you’ll notice you can only feel the heat pushing out for about six inches.

The way a radiator actually works is through convection. Air passes over the surface of the radiator and rises, pushing the cold air in the room down to be heated by the radiator. The air needs this movement to heat the room. They also protect then front of the original radiator, especially in the kid’s room where an accidental chip in the radiator paint can cause rust spots and such like. Though not the of the world, repainting a radiator is no fun.

The great thing about a glass radiator cover is the ability to change it as the seasons come and go. Take a look at our full range to see designs that are ideal for spring and summer – to turn your radiator space into a cooling feature.