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Why Choose An Acrylic Splashback?

Add an acrylic splashback to your kitchen or bathroom and create a stylish feature that’s practical as well as eye-catching.

Our scratch-resistant, cut-to-size acrylic panels are a cost-effective alternative to glass splashbacks, giving you a high quality and high gloss finish that looks stunning wherever you install it as part of your home improvement project. Whether you're planning a designer DIY project in your kitchen or adding a water-proof wow factor to your bathroom or shower, we have the premium acrylic finish you're looking for.

All our Perspex sink splashbacks are digitally printed at high-resolution - and made from tough 5mm acrylic. Ask for standard sizes, or ask about our custom cutting service.

Cutting Edge Kitchen Design

Acrylic kitchen splashbacks are a great way to protect your kitchen walls, cover uneven surfaces or simply add a vibrant splash of colour to your décor, either behind your worktops or sinks. At Premier Range, you can also choose an image from our huge stock library, or even upload your own photo for a truly personalized kitchen display. A printed kitchen acrylic splashback will add that much needed AWE! factor to your kitchen. A plastic sheet kitchen splashback is easy to clean too – simply use warm, soapy water and a soft, non-abrasive cloth to remove splashes and marks after cooking to keep your Perspex pristine.

Exclusive acrylic splash backs inspiration: Over 250 million images to choose from with our trusted partner, Shutterstock – all included in our great splashback prices 

The Ideal Solution For Bathrooms

When it comes to our made-to-measure acrylic splashbacks for bathrooms and shower areas, our range is unbeatable. They are Custom printed and patterned to match your interior and perfect for preventing water damage on your walls, acrylic comes in a variety of colours, patterns and sizes to realize the exact look you have in mind. They are also perfectly cut-to-size to compliment your bathroom or shower walls. Just like kitchen panels, bathroom splashbacks are easy to wipe clean in seconds – with none of the awkward nooks and crannies that come with traditional tiling or grout.

Get A Unique Look With A Coloured Acrylic Splashback

Our stylish acrylic sheets come in a range of exciting and eye-popping colours. Whether you want to achieve a minimalist backdrop with white, grey, black or silver – or mix things up with our bright red, green, yellow, pink and purple shades, we’ve got you covered. Our main sheet-plastics range includes:

Black | Clear | White | Silver | Greys | Creams 
Purples | Reds | Greens | Yellow | Pink | Browns | Orange

Ask About Our Colour-matching Service... 

For truly bespoke coloured glass splashbacks, simply provide a colour swatch of your choice, whether it’s from a Dulux, Crown or RAL Range. We’ll then print the custom colour using our state-of-the-art spray machines.


Why Acrylic?

Acrylic is tougher than it looks - sturdy and more than a match for everyday splashes and spills, it's scratch and scuff resistant which makes it a great choice for the parts of your home you use the most. Our state-of-the-art printing process means it won't fade or lose colour over time, so the stunning images or texture-effect patterns you choose from our library will look amazing for years to come.

Perspex is lighter than other alternatives too - like stainless steel or heavy tiles. That makes it easier to fit yourself using our extra-strong heavy-duty 'Rapid Grab' adhesive, and we can also easily drill in the holes or plug cut-outs you need for a specific placement to give you a bespoke installation. And of course, when it comes to a made-to-measure finish, plastic is one of the best materials around for cutting-to-size - whatever dimensions you need.


Benefits Of Acrylic Splashbacks

* Achieve a unique look in your kitchen and dining space *

* Custom-cut to order by our expert designers *

* Ideal to match any worktops, accessories and furniture *

* Massive range of colours, images and designs *

* Modern, easy-to-fit wall protection *

* Industry-leading printing process for fade-free finish *

* DIY-friendly - simply use our Rapid Grab Glass Splashback Adhesive *


Alternatives to acrylic splashbacks include:

Marble - Easy to scratch with pans and pots or utensils and can stain easily too

Wood - Stains and marks easily and can trap germs inside scratches

Laminate - Very easy to damage, not heat resistant and looks ‘cheap’

Stainless Steel - Looks industrial, lacks style and can become dull or misty over time

Are acrylic splashbacks heat-resistant?

We wouldn't recommend placing an acrylic splashback above your gas hob or electric rings, as they're not designed to stand up to a direct heat source. However, as our range of glass splashbacks can be printed in the same way, you can match your colour on glass for that specific area while using acrylic around the rest of your wall.

Can I apply acrylic splashbacks over tiles?

We'd always advise you to mount our Perspex splashbacks onto a smooth surface where possible. However, thanks to our heavy-duty bond adhesive, placing them on top of level tiles is usually possible. Please ask our designers for their top tips and best advice.




We pride ourselves on our service as well as our range of kitchen splashback ideas and high-quality workmanship. From home interiors to commercial spaces, we do our best to create the best piece of ‘wall art’ for your cooking/dining space. We at Premier Range are the best splashback dealers for you in the UK.

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